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Tarot Services

Working From Home

Personal Readings

Virtual via Zoom OR via E-mail

Readings are personal. No two are ever alike.  My preference is to approach a reading with a specific question in mind.  So when you book your reading, you must have a question in mind, or issue you are seeking a solution to, and enter it into the booking form that pops up when you purchase your session. 


When you view the cards as a tool to create your best future (and NOT as a fortune telling device), you have the ability to examine a situation from a fresh new angle that gives you a more holistic perspective.  Together, we can work out a plan that suits your goals that you can act upon. 


By utilizing this approach you are putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.  You are taking ownership for the choices and actions you make,  and you will start to make empowered, informed shifts to your life!  


To help you live your best life, I offer personal readings via Zoom, OR as an e-mail delivery and monthly email readings (via e-mail), that you can subscribe to which help you to more easily see the bigger broader picture in your life.  

Tarot Parties & Events

Spice up your party or corporate event with a Tarot Experience!


You and your guests will receive an (approximately) 20 minute personal reading. 


Imagine a night with friends, colleagues, family, champagne and food. Throw in a twist of Harmony’s intuitive tarot insight, and a sprinkle of fun. 

Ideal for:  Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties or any excuse to gather with friends! 

Rates:  $150 1st hour, 

             $100 each additional


To book a Tarot Experience for your next event, send me an email.   

 “I predict you’ll have a fantastic night!” 

New Year Party

Self Guided Masterclass: Oracle Cards for Journaling & Self Discovery

Have you ever wondered what your purpose was? Have you ever wondered why you keep making the same bad decisions over and over?  Have you ever wanted to discover more about your inner world?  What makes you tick? What is holding you back? How you can live a more joyful life?  

A reading is a great start, but what if it sparks further questions?  What if all the answers to all your questions of life, purpose, fullfillment and joy were always there inside of you.  

I believe that they are, and by taking the time to reintroduce our selves to our intuition, we can access the answers we seek.  We DO have everything we need -ALLREADY inside of ourselves!  

This is a self guided masterclass that will show you how to use oracle cards, how to use them for journaling, and how to use oracle cards for self discovery and intuition development.  


When you sign up for the masterclass, a deck of oracle cards is included with your purchase!    

40-Day Prosperity Program

The 40-day prosperity program is only for clients who are ready to create incredible change in their life and who are willing to commit to a 40-day series of daily mantras.  


The program is made up of 3 parts: 

  • The first is a 30 minute prosperity reading.  We’ll go deep into what your heart’s desires are, what’s getting in your way and the action to take to move forward.  

  • The second part of the process is a vision board you will set up at home.  After the reading we will pick 3 cards TOGETHER that best inspire YOU and will keep you motivated to reach your heart’s desires.   

  • Finally, I will teach you a mantra that you will recite for 40 days on a daily basis.  I will show you how to use your gemstone mala to do this and give you tips so that you can make this a daily practice and keep it going for the 40 days. 


This program works!  After I was taught this 40-day program I used it for myself and during that time, my dreams really did come true! It filled my heart with love and inspired me in a way I hadn’t experienced before and is hard to describe.  


Oftentimes the biggest thing standing in our way between us and reaching our dreams is the barriers in our minds that we create.  A positive mindset is so powerful and with this program we are aligning our hearts, minds, our intentions and our actions with the dreams we have.

Let’s be honest:  Lasting change doesn’t usually happen overnight.  BUT -with the right tools, the right mindset and the right focus, it can happen -and even quickly!  

This program IS powerful -but it will only work if you are willing to commit to the process.  


The prosperity package comes with a reading, vision board planning and a gemstone mala. 


Everything you need to move forward and fullfill your heart’s desire! 

Happy Family
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