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All about the time when I chanted and my dreams came true.

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Have you ever experienced a miracle?

Now this is a loaded question- I could go on an on about the miraculous things that have happened in my life actually.

So I thought: why not share some of these stories?

And why not ask others to share their stories too? Miracles ARE real! Let's talk about the amazing miraculous moments of our lives.

This is the first post of a series about Miracles and amazingness in my life. And if you've had something incredible happen I'd love to hear about that too!

It all starts with a simple phrase: "So there was this one time when I"...

This post is about abundance, Lakshmi and my dreams coming true. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a prosperity spell. It is part tarot spread, partly about envisioning but mostly about chanting. Not just any chanting, but it is a chant to the goddess Lakshmi that you do 108 times and for 40 days. So its not for the feint of heart. But I have to say- the more I did it, the more I loved it so much so that I didn't want to stop after the 40th day!

Quite often the term abundance is synonomous with wealth, materialism and possessions. Yet abundance is so much more than that. Abundance is not simply a list of things, but a feeling we create with in. It is a feeling we can cultivate by living aligned with our heart's desires and a mindset of more than enough. Moving out of scarcity and allowing life's riches give your day pleasure and sweetness. Its a way of walking in beauty with your life and allowing the world to share with you its treasure.

So here I am having no idea what is going to happen. I did this spread and I didn't have anything in particular that I wanted, but I just had a feeling of wanting something better than what I was having at the time. I used the info from my spread to craft a vision and from there:

I chanted. A lot.

It was akward at first. The words were foreign. It felt like it took forever to do. The sounds would blend together and I would have no clue if I was doing it the "right" way. But I did it anyway.

I had my little picture of Lakshmi in front of me. I would take a few centering breaths before starting. I had a little meditation nest area where the magic happened. Everyday I completed it I drew another star on my paper so I wouldn't lose track of how long it had been.

And then, something incredible started to happen. I began to love it. My voice felt like it was soaring. One mantra would string into the next. I found my groove with the foreign sounds and it even felt a little fun. I'd even visualize Lakshmi showering me with golden coins, and through other synchronicities in life I discovered Lord Ganesha and he began to be a part of my visualization.

This is where things began to get interesting. I would feel so good after my morning chant! My vibration was so high! My attitude was so uplifted! Everything was just so good! I was setting myself up for such a great day and that's exactly what was happening. I just knew something amazing was going to happen, I just didn't know what.

Until I found out what the amazing thing was, and it was nothing short from one of my biggest dreams.

It began when I was driving my kiddo to her daycare and I heard that little voice that said:

"Why dont you stop at the Maker's Market and see if you can get a spot there doing readings..."

And so I did. And sadly there would not be a spot at the Maker's Market, the shop owner had just decided to close her business down. And what followed next was nothing short of a miracle. We talked. Not just chit chat, but about the space. The more I stood in the space the more I started to see how it would be the perfect space for my dream of a Pilates studio. It was the perfect size. It was the perfect rectangle shape. It had the perfect big storefront window. It was in the perfect part of town I had always imagined would be the perfect place for a Pilates studio. I stood there and felt as if I could actually see my dreams coming into physical form. It was outrageous.

What transpired over the next few months felt like a total whirlwind. The landlords were totally amiable, the rent was manageable, the fabrication times of the Pilates equipment (as far as Pilates equipment goes) were fairly reasonable.

And it was always in a synchronistic sort of way. I would finish my mantra chanting and look at my silenced phone to see the landlord had texted me to know the lease draft was ready. Or there was a text from the previous renter with another positive piece of info.

I know my chanting and the abundance that it generated were absolutely the catalyst for my dreams becoming a reality.

I can say with absolute certainty that miracles are completely part of my reality and the more attuned to them that I have become the more frequent and delighting they get.

LIFE is a miracle. We are divine beings here to live and express our dreams, and truly these ARE the days of miracle and wonder.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Share your story below!

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