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Authentic Unique You

We are such beautiful amazing unique souls.

The notion of “Truth” is something curious I have been thinking about the last few weeks. Truth is a notion I feel very deeply for myself and also for my clients and working with clients to find and live their truth. And lets be honest -The truth IS a matter of perspective which shifts from one person to the next.

How can you live authentically true to your self and your own nature if you don't know what YOUR truths are?

After receiving my own Akashic reading I’ve been able to see how we all have our own unique combination of a dominant energy center, a soul mission, life mission and a challenge to overcome, amongst other things. Through this lens, I’m amazed at how everyone has their own beautiful amazing unique combination of these aspects and even more incredibly, even if we might have all those aspects identical to another, we would still express and share those qualities in a different way. Thanks to our interests, personality, how we grow up and how we are conditioned.

Every one of us is a beautiful unique soul and the world needs each and every one of us to shine in our own divinely curious caring adventurous way.

The world needs you and your ideas! Your diversity! Your fire! Ingenuity and your bravery.

By choosing to peel the layers of self and life, by asking what is true for you -you can start to live authentically. In our societal world, we’ve been given a certain recipe for success -it's the same one we’ve all been given to follow and why is it that when more and more people are achieving the outcome as guided by following the directions, they are realizing the end result is falling flat?

Why wouldn’t it?

How can it be that every person, every single different unique person would simply need to follow the same identical route for happiness? It is impossible for us to all want the same things! It's offensive to think that every single person throughout the world would need the exact same thing to feel fulfilled, happy and to live a life of purpose and satisfaction.

For some, the road may be long, for others, it may be short, there are most assuredly twists and turns, loops and road blocks.

That is how life goes and yet I ask you to allow this and to even consider embracing it.

Every scar you wear. Every wrinkle you share.
The family you make, the laughs you shake.
There is a richness and a fullness felt by riding the wave and embracing life as best you can. The parts you love,
the parts you hate;
you might think it all a mess.
You my love ARE a mess.
Chaotic, messy, unstable, funny, warrior.
You are a work of art.
You are your life’s greatest work.
Detailed so exquisite.

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