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Autumn Tarot Greetings!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

This month's reading for the collective has an Autumn theme to it, because - well its that time of the year!

What seeds were sown?

Summer opened the door to a fiery electric burst of energy. Feeling alive and inspired new possibilities opened up new doors, which may have stoked the flames to an even higher level of excitement!

While this inspiration has proved helpful for staying out of a rut and keeping daily life from drag you down, too much can lead to burnout.

If we want to keep living a balanced life, we can only stay in this fervor for so long.

What do I harvest?

The electricity of summer may have left you a little drained and you might just need a break from all the chatter, and now you are experiencing the abundance of seeds that you planted. This can feel overwhelming if discernment wasn't used in their selection.

It feels a little like a sumptuous meal eaten and enjoyed tremendously. Now the bill is being delivered and the aftermath is setting in. Man... Did I really order all that? Yes dear, you did. And the Universe loves and supports you and generally when you ask, She will deliver.

Now is a time to let your tired, overloaded mind rest, sometimes taking on newness is an adjustment. It is a level up and new things are not always easy. Moreover in understanding that life is a path of progression you ought to admit that staying where you were, would have never worked. Nonetheless feeling caught in the middle of where you were and where you are going can be uncomfortable. There will be doubts but you may set your worries aside. It's natural to feel this way.

When you're feeling your wayl around in the dark, it doesn't help to let yourself feel anxious. Just relax. Trust you are on the right path and everything is going the way it needs to.

What can I release?

Apprehension! Its time to let your mind and body feel at ease and let the sun's warmth shine its light into your heart. It's OK to celebrate and to soak up the good.

You will not be in this middle space for ever. There is a light at the end.

Trust in your heart and tap into the excitement you had felt when you began the journey. Take things one step at a time. Let your joy out! This is your time to shine!

Everyday Witches Tarot

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