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The Hero Fool Starts Her Journey

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

It seems only fitting that as this is my first post it should be about the Fool.

I love this card! It is filled with all the spirit of excitement and anticipation that embarking on a new journey brings. You can sense that although we know not what lies ahead, we go off into the wild space of yonder.

I get a kick that the card is called the Fool, and it gives me pause to look back and wonder:

If I would have known where all the paths I’ve taken, where all the choices I’ve made were going to lead me, would I still make the same choices today?

Those “massive” blunders. Those moves I agonized over long after they happened. The words. Oh the words that I have said. The random things done that never leave, they just haunt.

WOULD I have done it the same way again?

Without question. My biggest failures give way to moments of clarity and create opportunities greater than what I could have ever designed on my own. Scars give you character and insight learned through mistakes hit deeper and feel more profound than any textbook ever could. Struggle has given way to moments I’d consider my life’s best work (so far). Challenge gives you reason to appreciate the good moments you have. Today, I know more about my capabilities, my abilities and by asking myself questions I feel satisfied that I’m intentionally living a life in line with my values.

The Fool brings an energy of fresh newness. A wiped slate and the charting of a course to parts unknown.

The Fool card of the Muse deck is a card I find so refreshing. Not only is it light, there is this sense of carefree naivety. Caution thrown to the wind. Do you think she’s looking before her leap? She is so close to the edge and showing no sign of slowing. She’s going to merrily leap herself right off the cliff and she’s loving every minute of it.

She only needs to stop for minute and look around. If she did, do you think she would see the ladder? The safe route to where she wants to go?

"Darling", she says, "What would be the fun of that?!" And fearlessly off she goes.

Dear Fool: Thank you for being you. I see you. I embrace you. I get you.

You shine this light inside of me. As I understand myself more, I can wholeheartedly proclaim:

I’m impulsive,

I’m naive,

I’m a fury of curiosity and wonder moving from this to next without a rest. (I’m totally cool with this!)

How can such glorious mannerisms have such a jested name? Here’s a spin on our beloved "Fool" card from a different deck. They’ve renamed the Fool to be what I would consider its truer, more honorable and more appropriate title.

The Hero.

I say: Really, are they so different? Every story needs a Hero. Without one there is no story. Skywalker. Heracles. Every adventurer sets off on a quest filled with perilous outcomes and doom behind every corner.

How many times have you heard in these epic stories:

"All hope was lost when suddenly… Something miraculous happens!

These Heroes are facing the dangers no one else will sign up for.

You- Oh you admirable Hero, I salute you.

Frodo leaves the shire and takes on a monumental task he truly has no concept of the gravity. Its literally beyond his comprehension -at first. Middle Earth needs the simple thoughtless impulsive Fool (jury still out on you Merry and Pippen). Where would Middle Earth be today if it weren’t for Frodo and his unwavering inner fortitude?

Could you say Frodo was a Fool? Undoubtedly, and in fact Gandalf did just that on more than on occasion. Fortunately that’s not how we remember Frodo. The literary world had a better name for it. And there are few characters who deserve the name more. Hero.

Every story needs a Hero. Our lives are boring without quests. And if we never decide to take a leap into the unknown we’d never know the wonders that are in store. Perilous? Yes. A terrible idea? No question.

There will never be a truer energy than the enthusiasm of the Hero.

Raw. Authentic. Nothing to hide and only caution to the wind.

So today I ask you, glorious Fool: Where will life take you?

What challenge will you accept? The future is yet unwritten and there are so so many more pages in your book waiting for your words and the stories of your life.

Today when you find yourself at life’s crossroads ask yourself: What would your Hero -Fool self do? You might find yourself fearlessly taking a giant leap.

IF you do, be well dear Hero, be well.

Where will this blog go? Only time will tell but I know if nothing is ever done there is just one thing that will happen. Today, I'm choosing the alternative.

As I take this first step with this post and as the website unfolds fearlessly I leap into the fray!

Thank you for being a part of this story!

“Young”, “dumb”, hope and love.


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