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In this 6-week class I will show you a brilliant and easy way to immediately start  reading the tarot.  


Not only will you learn the meanings of the cards, I will also show you how to use them to connect with your higher self and to develop your deeper sense of intuition.  I will show you how to read spreads that are versatile and adaptable to most any sort of question, and how to craft the best questions to get important insights.  We'll do all this in a fun, engaging way that will help you to learn and even embody the meaning of the cards!


You can use the tarot for so many more ways than just divination and "peering into the future" in fact, those are my least favorite uses for the tarot!  


Class starts on January 12th 2024 at 6pm and goes until 7:30pm.  

6-week series, goes until February 23rd, with NO CLASS on February 16th. 


Price per individual:  $100 OR 2 for $170

Tarot Class for Beginners

  • No refunds after class has started. 

  • Over the course of 6-weeks we'll cover:  

    • The major arcana of the tarot
    • The minor arcana of the tarot
    • The court cards of the tarot
    • The suits, the elements, the arcana and the stories of the cards
    • How to ask powerful questions
    • How to read the one-card and the three-card pulls as well as the celtic cross (!)
    • How to use tarot for self-discovery, creativity, goal setting and even manifesting
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