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Are you ready to approach life with clarity and confidence?

I believe that you posess the keys within that will unlock a life of joy abundance and fullfilment!  


I work with tarot, energy healing, and Spirit to support you and help you strengthen that inner compass. 

Let the healing power of Spirit guidance

help you to live a joyful life.  

A life that allows you to feel fulfilled, like you're living your life with a sense of purpose and meaning.  Satisfaction that the work you do and the life you live is in alignment with your happiest self. 


A life like this might sound simple enough but living intentionally doesn't always feel easy.  You wonder if living a life of purpose and joy is nothing more than a dream. 

When you want answers that are true to your highest self and you aren’t finding them through conventional methods, try an intuitive tarot reading. 


Spirit guidance comes from a higher perspective and ALWAYS comes from a place of unconditional love, and compassion.  It's a way to get perspective you may not have otherwise seen, a way to get answers to the deeper questions you struggle with and an opportunity to find a path forward to living a more empowered authentic life.  

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Readings, Healings and Tools

Saraswati HealingTM Energy Healing

Virtual or E-Mail


Handmade Gemstone Malas

Monthly Reading Subscriptions

Tarot for Parties & Events


Divine soul healing with the magic and assistance of

Angels, Ascended Masters & Goddesses

Ascended Master Mother Mary  "Unconditional Trust"
Archon Barbelo "Support"
Ascended Master Helios "Your Time to Shine"
Ascended Master Mary Magdalene "Divine Alchemy"
Goddess Lakshmi "Her Golden Grace"
Goddess Ishtar "Daring Rebirth"
Angel Caliel "Sacred Play"
Art by Jane Marin from the Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Saraswati HealingTM “An unique energy healing modality, as channelled by Alana Fairchild and her Higher Guidance”

Through sacred words, channeled exercises and soul-to-soul connection, I’ll guide you into an experience of Divine healing.  I will support you at a soul level for a deep healing journey.


When you need to reconnect to your own soul and step forward onto your true path in life, 

I am here for you. 

Intuition and inner guidance

Gain insight to your life and what matters most.  Feel more confident about living a life true to your soul's passion.

  “I’ve had several tarot readings in the past, and I really enjoyed my reading with Harmony. Her energy is very kind, calming, and soothing and her reading was spot on. She also saw beyond the simple card meanings to ask me some insightful questions that have helped me grow and look at things from a different perspective. I highly recommend her as a tarot coach!

- Karen V.

  "Thank you so much for the reading you did for me . Your reading was spot on and gave me much to think about. I found the extra cards you pulled encouraging and inspirational."

- P. L.

  "I had the pleasure of having a reading with Harmony, recently and found the experience to be very helpful and affirming. Launching myself into a new career path is pretty scary, but after the reading with Harmony, I felt much more positive and hopeful for my future plans. Harmony was very intuitive and attentive and talked me through the cards in a way that helped confirm that I was on the right path. Thank you Harmony, for your time, energy and insight."

- Val G.

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