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Saraswati Healing TM

What is Saraswati HealingTM

Describing the Saraswati HealingTM modality is a little tricky:  It is unlike any other healing modality experienced.  

The Saraswati Healing process works with the subtle energy that surrounds us and connects with the Divine, as well as Angels, Ascended Masters and Goddesses to facilitate healing and growth at a soul level.  It connects with deep nourishment to support heart awakening, soul connection and voice empowerment.  

I call in spiritual energy through sacred words, channeled exercises and soul connection and guide you into an experience of Divine healing.    

When you need to reconnect to your own soul and step forward onto your true path in life, when you want to tune into yourself and discover your intuitive inner wisdom, when you are ready to grow into your divine potential, awaken your unique and authentic self, I am here to assist you.  

The Saraswati Healing process is an experience of unconditionally loving divine energy that comforts, awakens and heals mind, body and soul.  

Diwali Lights

Sessions are given as either an individual session, or with a group of 4-10. This is an excellent option for a group of likeminded women who would like to strenghen self and connection!     


Workshops are also held on a periodic basis.  

To stay informed on upcoming workshops please subscribe to the e-mail newsletter.  

If you have any other questions and need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact options below.  

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Image by Umesh Soni

888:  Inspired Voice w/ the Goddesses

This session will heal your sould and assist in manifesting your divine destiny.  Embodiment of your soul voice awakens awareness within the body and brings a grounded fullness to daily life.  

Three types of sessions:

444: Heart Awakening w/ Angels    

This session will nurture your divine journey and tap into the healing light of your heart. Connect with your heart you allow the beauty of who you are to be recognized and expressed.  

333:  Soul Connection w/ the Ascended Masters 

This session will empower your soul purpose and sacred life path. By connecting with your soul you are inspired to courageously live your inner truth and live more fully alive. 


                                   *Also option for Karmic Healing

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