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A Reading for Winter

Winter Oracle Card Reading

Seasonal guidance.

As we are fully upon the season of Winter, I'll use that as our theme.


The thing about winter is that it is the time when things fall away and start to break down. It is the end of a cycle but also the start of something new. Even though it looks like the land has gone fallow there is germination happening unseen below. It is the time when when the darkness brings the light. It is the great cosmic bowl of nothing and also infinite possibility. Great creativity sows fantastical dreams. All creation begins from thought.

Do not underestimate the power of our dreams. They are what brought this world into being. You are magic and it is during this time that you can more readily go with in and tap into your power. What will you create?

The seasonal reading answers the questions: What's breaking down? What area of my life do I need to reflect upon? What is stirring (for the reader collective) in the great liminal belly of possibility?

The cards are giving us such a beautiful message filled with hope and encouragement at this time. Take heart dear reader! Winter does not last forever.

Everyday Witches Tarot

What's breaking down? The Desert. The desert can be a barren land. It lacks nourishment, seemingly isolated, harsh, a land where just surviving is enough. Getting your needs met really is what you have to focus on because there is no other alternate and your very life depends upon it.

This could represent an aspect of your actual physical existence, living life with out getting to savor life's sweetness, or it could represent the landscape of your inner world. Ask if you are receiving the nourishment on the inside that you need to flourish.

What area of my life do I need to reflect upon? The Creator. Ah! Hello lovely card. The Creator represents the aspect inside of us of a person who is the Architect and Craftsman of life and self. Their life IS their work of art. It is a life of expression, experimentation, play and beauty. Creators search for aesthetic; it is their passion and it gives to them such meaning. If you've ever been blessed to have an artist as a friend or been gifted with the talent you will understand what I mean. Its inspiring and to them, creating is everything. The world needs more creators. These original dreams add a vibrant hue to life and our world. With this card showing up, its a call to ask yourself what you are creating. What would you want to create? Are you satisfied with the opportunities you're giving yourself to create? Keep in mind the concept of Creation is a broad term. It could represent a huge array. It could be a craft, it could be art, poetry or music. It could also be yourself as a creation and how you are developing yourself and life. Are you the creator or the creation? Just a few things to reflect upon.

What is stirring (for the reading collective) in the great liminal belly of possibility? The Self. This is a call to action. It is a reminder that we are the sum of so many parts and so many facets. Each facet represents a different side of ourselves, a role we play in our lives, a different interest, a different phase of our life, the different personalities we allow to surface when in certain companies. We are all a collection of unique and gorgeous facets! It is a reminder as well that despite these facets, these roles, personalities and such, we are still ourselves, no one else. This card calls us to be our own self. To walk your own walk, to dance to the beat of your own drum, and to become solidly grounded in your self. It is written at the entrance of the Temple of Delphi: "But first know thyself", and reminds us that all too often we look outside and to others for answers that are really within. Know yourself. Know where you stand and what you need. You are your biggest ally, confidant and companion. This is a call for independence, sovereignty and a time of standing solidly on your own two feet. Do you know who you are? Who do you want to be? What do you want to become?

So to summarize the reading: Believe anything is possible. If you can think it, you can create it and you can be it.

Enjoy this blessed winter time.

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